You Have Something More

Better Yourself

Your success in-season is determined by what you do in the off-season.

It's never about who you are, but your desire to be who you want to be. How will you get there?

High Intensity


Intensity is key when developing explosive athletes.

Come see how run our classes with just the right level of intensity. Explosive movements aren't trained with long bouts of exercise.

Have the Will to Prepare

Practice is Gametime!

It takes more than the desire to win. Everyone wants to win. You have to have the will to prepare yourself for battle.

The will to succeed means nothing without the will to prepare!

Power Up with These

Training Secrets

Most trainers will treat you like you are no different than the next individual to walk through their door. Most trainers will give you some generic workout right off the shelf.

It takes more than that to make you better. Learn what it takes at Flash Performance.

Focus And...

Reach New Levels of Play

Execution on and off the field takes a special athlete. Not a lot to be said about focus, but it separates champions from your everyday individual.

Become Your

Best Self

A wise man once said you have to hate your situation to change it. Well, an even wiser man said that if you want something changed, all you have to do is get up and change it.

Take a step in the right direction by checking out Flash!

Our Focus in 2014

Using Science To Make You Better

We all have a desire to be a little bit better. Whatever the topic, whatever the motivation, it’s built into us.

Focused on Athletes

Flash Performance began their training endeavor when they realized there were no true sports performance training programs in the area. FP has built themselves into the only specialized athlete development gym in the Northland reaching athletes both locally and coast to coast.


Every individual is different so every program cannot be the same. At FP we make the necessary adjustments to each individuals program in order to ensure we eliminate weaknesses from their overall performance. There is no better feeling than to see an athlete put forth the effort and then later be rewarded on the field/court. In addition to creating better athletes we hope to create life long athletes by making training fun and enjoyable.

Learn More At Flash Performance

Increase your vertical jump…

Decrease your 40 yard dash time…

Improve your reaction time and see the improvements on the court or field…

Injury prevention…

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Our Classes

We have many classes and sessions to choose from

Come check out the area’s best youth speed and agility classes. We provide a one-on-one sort of atmosphere in our classes to make sure that our athletes are getting better and not just burning energy. We offer classes for all athletes, from the non-competitive ranks up to NCAA D1 level athletics.

Whether you want to come to us or would like us to come to you, we provide the ultimate experience in team training. This is an area where we focus intently on the specifics of your sport so that we can prevent injury and develop explosive athletic performance.

Probably the best deal we offer is one-on-one training. This method of training allows you to get a personalized workout that will definitely give you the best opportunity to succeed.

Strength classes are extremely important. Many times athletes want to run right into explosive training but do not have the strength to safely perform it. We offer strength training to individuals and groups of all ages.

Our Trainers

Our Elite Staff Gives Us, and You, a Distinct Advantage

Our Partners

We Work Closely With These Partners in Our Efforts to Provide the Industry's Best Training

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